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OFFIS Institut für Informatik
OFFIS Institute for Information Technology

The OFFIS Institute for Information Technology, founded in 1991, is an application-oriented non-profit research and development institute hosted at the computer science department of the University of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. Its primary mission is to adopt the findings from university basic research in computer science and other relevant disciplines, to stay in touch with new market demands through its many years of experience in co-operation projects with the industry, and to bridge the gap between “basic research” and “application demands” through application-oriented research.

With 267 employees, OFFIS focuses its R&D activities in three application areas: Health, Energy and Transportation.  The OFFIS “Health” R&D division addresses a broad range of research topics related to the use of information technology related to health and healthcare, including the interoperability of medical information. OFFIS intensively studies and promotes relevant medical standards such as DICOM and HL7 and supports integration initiatives like IHE where manufacturers, the scientific community and users work together.

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