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ASIP Santé

Agence nationale des systèmes d’information partagés de santé

ASIP Santé is a public agency under the supervision of the French ministry in charge of health. It was created in 2009 as a membership organisation to manage health information projects for the French healthcare system.  It was charged specifically with developing and hosting the electronic health record (DMP); with advancing standardisation, interoperability and security of health information systems; with managing national directories of professionals, services and institutions in the healthcare and welfare sectors, along with systems to identify and authenticate healthcare professionals’ identities and professional qualifications.  

ASIP Santé has developed the French national interoperability framework, which is based on IHE profiles.  The national DMP system has been live since 2011, and ASIP Santé has been developing the specifications for interactions of healthcare software applications with the DMP.

ASIP Santé has been tasked to support and supervise any other initiatives in the healthcare IT field, and to contribute to international agreements or projects regarding health information systems.  

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