The EURO-CAS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.727028.



IDIKA S.A. is a publicly owned company that delivers IT products and services for social and health service public organisations. IDIKA was established in 1969 (the earlier name was K.H.Y.K.Y.) and is supervised by the Greek Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Social Solidarity.  It develops and maintains IT systems to support the Greek social security funds (IKA, OAEE, OGA, etc.) and health service organizations (EOPYY, hospitals).  Notable achievements include the Social Security Number AMKA registry (providing a unique identifier for all residents), the e-prescription system (considered the most important eHealth initiative so far, with up to 850.000 transactions per day), an integrated hospital information management system, and a pilot operation of the patient summary (based on epSOS).

IDIKA S.A. participates in the SOHealth project (“Smart Open Internet Services for Health”) funded by the Greek Ministry of Education, and is seeking to offer an interoperability framework for eHealth for the Greek healthcare system.

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