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Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje
(Croatian Health Insurance Fund)

The Croatian Health Insurance Fund (Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje, HZZO) is a key stakeholder in the Croatian national healthcare system:  it administers the universal mandatory health insurance scheme for Croatia’s 4.2 million people, offers additional voluntary health insurance, and is thus the single payer for health care services in Croatia.  HZZO has collaborated with and supervised large scale healthcare projects using national and international resources.

HZZO also manages the central healthcare information system which acts as a hub of all national health-related data (such as the registry of insured citizens, registry of health resources, national drug registry and others). The health IT system includes a messaging system for secure communication between health providers, other public health institutions, and HZZO.

HZZO has been involved in a number of European projects such as epSOS, EXPAND, ENJECT, INCA, JAseHN, AdriHealthMob and ASSESS CT.  HZZO has a principal role in implementing and deployment of eHealth solutions in Croatia, and together with the Ministry of Health maintains a significant role as policymaker concerning health in general.

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