The EURO-CAS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.727028.


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Stichting Nationaal Ict Instituut In De Zorg

Nictiz is the Dutch national competence centre for eHealth, IT and innovation. It is an independent, not for profit, organization and has an intermediary position between healthcare, industry, and government. Nictiz advises the Ministry of Health of the Netherlands on national and international affairs.

In recent years Nictiz has managed the national EHR programs and supported the development of national interoperability standards and profiles. To this end Nictiz has close cooperation with international standards organisations including IHE, HL7, IHTSDO, PCHAlliance (Continua), and ISO. Nictiz is the national release centre for SNOMED CT.

Nictiz has developed the Dutch national infrastructure for health information exchange. This is complemented with a qualification process: Nictiz qualifies each software vendor before it can connect to the national infrastructure, and software vendors that have built Nictiz’ information standards into their products. Nictiz has been a beneficiary and participant in EU-funded projects, and participates in EHTEL’s ELO network of European competence centres.

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